Let the Good Times Roll in 2011

Well, here i am once again attempting my first ever blog post! Hopefully this ends up working successfully since its my 96th time trying. Thanks to all for buying my book, and it will be for sale again in about a week! (Had some editing issues that need to be fixed so I pulled from the market) I live in Los Angeles now and I am doing Stand Up tomorrow night, Thursday January 13th at the Hollywood Hotel- doors open at 9pm show begins at 9:30pm- $5 cover!  Come check it out, wear a diaper, piss your pants, get drunk, throw up on a nun, make-out with me, then bring your fat ass to Jack-in-the-Box…. a perfect way to start the new year!  Hopefully Suri Cruise and Fergie make a guest appearance while i am ripping them a new one on stage.

"I'm not even going to drink that much tonight, I'm fighting off a cold."